Sunday, April 6, 2014

10 Years Goes By So Fast......even faster as you get older

Happy Sunshine Sunday Peeps,

How have you all been? As some may know I have started work full time 6 weeks ago which unfortunately doesn't leave me with much creative time, my blog posts that were far and few between will now more than likely be nearly non existent but I will poke my head in with every opportunity I get.

Today I want to share with you all a layout I created for our LSS The Scrap Cottage, in typical BB style I did a double layout, it is about my baby girl turning 10.

Isn't it amazing just how fast life goes as you get older?

LHS of the double layout

RHS of the double layout
For her 10th birthday she wanted me to make her a dress, she picked the pattern and the material herself, I did my best ( Don't look too close at the dress :) - she wanted to goto the golf club for dinner because she wanted to eat pancakes and she also requested to have an ice-cream cake so I purchased one from Baskin Robbins.

It's my birthday and i'll eat pancakes if I want to

Singing Happy Birthday to herself ( She went into the kids club room and dressed up like a pirate )
Here's a little close up of the VERY YELLOW Ice-Cream cake that included little mini ice-creams on top -

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and don't forget to leave me some love so I know you have dropped by

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Creative Scrappers

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Josie Lowe

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Sunshine and Happiness Always - RIP Leonie Kaye Maurer
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