Friday, February 5, 2016

52 Weeks Of Gratitude - Week 2



How to describe a husband....well my husband

We met in 1999, got married in 2000, 4 kids later and we are still happily married.....some say the only reason we are still married is because we don't see much of each other but honestly I think the main reason is that we trust each other when we are apart and we are always open and honest with each other, even if it means hurting the other occassionally.

I love him more than ever, he annoys me more than I ever thought would be possible but for some funny reason I want to spend every irritating moment with him.

When you fall in love don't fall in love with someone who says the right things, fall in love with someone who does the right things consistently. Don't look for the perfect person just look for someone who you can act silly with, someone who treats you well and most importantly someone who loves being with you more than anything

I'm extremely lucky that I have all of that in one guy...........and for all you single ladies out there "Don't give up hope - just stop looking and it will come when you least expect it"

Sunshine, Happiness and LOVE Always


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude


I didn't actually fail BUT I haven't yet completed the Photo A Day Challenge on instagram so this year I decided that I would do something different.......52 Weeks Of Gratitude

Yes, I hear you say " Bee, it's already Week 5", but you know i'm always running on Lowe time and late with everything

Here's the Challenge -

So for me i'm starting this challenge to help me reflect on things that normally I probably wouldn't even think about, we get so strung up these days in life that we forget to appreciate it.

I'd love for you to join me on this journey - paste it to your own blog and link me to your post or simply just leave a comment on my post - you can message me on Facebook or link me on instagram or twitter - whatever is easier.

Let's enjoy and appreciate 2016 together


Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Goodness Bought To You By The Desktop

Happy Thursday,

I have a few more desktop shares for you today. I did these layouts with the Basic Grey Page Of The Month Kits, I must say I am super upset that the shop I was getting them off stopped selling them but if any of you scrappy peeps know of anywhere that sells them please let me know. Cheers.

The first one is of my daughter at Ballet

Ballet 2010
This was Holly as a Grinch in the end of year concert "A Christmas Carol" - she dances at Dance Central, check them out here as they are a great school

Professional Pic

My Little Grinch

Unfortunately I didn't take any close ups of  either of the page but i'm hoping you can get the drift.

The second page is of my babies first day of school way back in 2011

First Day Of School 2011

Funniest thing :) :) :)

This year was the first year that Holly actually decided to wear a dress to school

Holly 2011

It didn't matter how many times I told her that the dress was on backwards she was adamant that the zip went at the back so to save a mini meltdown on the first day I just let her do her thing........and yes by the time she got home that day the dress was on the right way - he he. Oh to be a kid again - on that note

Thought for The Day

Yep that's me..............still

Hope you are all having a great week

But I have to ask...............R U OK?

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Till next time - Stay Super


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Still Clearing The Desktop

Happy Sunday,

First of all I would like to shout out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hunk-o-spunk hubby ( love your guts babe) for last Tuesday - we had cake for you :) and we will celebrate with you when you get home.............

I have a few more desktop shares for you all today and once again its all a bit well........I think i could call my style RANDOM cause nothing is ever the same.

Mixed Media Watercolour

This is a mixed media watercolour from Blue Bazaar. You can check out their website here
They have some great products - not just scrappy stuff.

Just a little close up

I am sharing a layout with you next - it was one of the Basic Grey POTM which I also purchased from Blue Bazaar. My little man has grown so much and come a long way since his first days on the MX track 5 years ago

Feel The Adrenaline
Here are a few close ups -

LHS of the layout

RHS of the layout
Just to show how far he has come, he competed in Round 2 of the KTM SEQ Junior Championships yesterday. He came 13th, 9th and then 3rd. Fantastic day on a new track that he has never ridden before - Proud Mummy Moment right here. Check out the FB page of the series here.

Hope you have all had a wonderful weekend.
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Thought of the Day

Till next time


Sunday, August 9, 2015

There's Been A Death In The Family

Good Morning,

We'll you'd never guess what happened.........

I'm gunna tell you anyway, you probably don't care but my laptop (Pinkie) died :(

After 6 years I finally had to put my little friend to rest which means that I am being forced to get my ass into gear and share the layouts that I have had sitting on my desktop for like forever cause they are now clogging up my PC

So i'm just gunna get straight into it -

I have no particular style, it's all just "Go with the Flow" and we see what happens -

Life Is Not About Lipstick and Sparkly Nailpolish - It's About Your Ability 2 Laugh at Yourself
Australia Day 2010


Youth Development

I do have a couple of Double Layouts to share as well but I don't want to do too much in one post and bombard you with my awesomeness - hehehehe

Well I hope you have said a little prayer for my poor departed mate - May Pinkie RIP

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Till next time....


Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Tree

Good Morning,

Happy Monday.....

When we were young we went to Alma Park Zoo in Brisbane, my sister and I affectionately fell in love with the best climbing tree ever and before we knew it it became "Our Tree". Unfortunately in March 2014 Alma Park Zoo closed down so the fate of "Our Tree" is mysteriously unknown.

As a child there are always those few memories and little things that stick with you for a lifetime. What are some of your favourite childhood things?

Here is the layout I created , the photo was taken in I think 1990?

Woodland Theme

Nothing beats the feeling..(i'd probably break the tree now)

The colours of nature

I think I maybe getting a bit sentimental in my old age........

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Here is a thought for the day -

Don't suppress your inner child


Till next time Jedi's


Thursday, April 23, 2015


Good Morning,

Well hasn't the cold weather hit all of a sudden and would it be rude of me to say how much I HATE the cold weather.......... I hate layering clothes, i'm already big enough as it is without having to layer an extra 10kg of clothes on.

Today I have an old share for you. It was a Book of You layout from the old Scrapboxx website - now who misses that site???? I know I do that's for sure. The page was created by the always talented Julie Winks who like me has found that life takes over and creativity gets pushed aside. I used my first born in this layout from his 6 month old photo shoot - boy I wish I could go back to those days when he was cute and squishy NOT tall and mouthy :)


Close Up
And just for a laugh "Look at it now" -

Gotta love it when they take selfie's on your phone

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day
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Thought for the day:-

Happy Thursday



Kraft It Up


White With 1


Creative Scrappers

Creative Scrappers

Josie Lowe

Josie Lowe

Sunshine and Happiness Always - RIP Leonie Kaye Maurer

Sunshine and Happiness Always - RIP Leonie Kaye Maurer
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