Wednesday, April 27, 2016

52 Weeks Of Gratitude - Week 4



There is one member of my family who I miss so dearly everyday and that is my Nanna 
(Marjorie), she was like a mother to me and honestly she was one of the nicest ladies that ever existed in the whole entire world. I've always aspired to be like her, she lived for her family and would have done anything for them.

These are her own words about her life that she wrote in 1993 -

"I was born in 1912 at Leichhardt. Mother had 7 babies at home with a midwife. Her name is on all the birth certificates. We lived in two different places in Leichhardt. 
I would like to have my horoscope chart done, but i don't know my time of birth. It was in the evening because my brothers say it's the only time they were allowed to go out and play in the street after dark - because I was being born in the house. I had Belinda's Chart done. I leave the radio on all night and listen to a midnight show where people wrote in and want to find a man or a woman, or find out about something - and I heard about horoscopes on this show; so I sent in and got Belinda's done. Some things come true with them - like Belinda having two homes. She lived with her mother, and stayed with her father sometimes.
We moved to Narrabeen when I was 11. Before that I went to Orange Grove School. My sister and I used to go to the reunions every year. When they had their 100th anniversary, we saw all the old rolls, and saw our names on the enrolment. Whenever there was an anniversary or reunion, the kids used to put on a show. It's surprising when you mention it, how many people know about Orange Grove.
The schools then were run on English ideas, and you were promoted halfway through the year. We went to Narrabeen when I was in 6th class. Narrabeen was very different - just a teacher and a headmaster. I got a medal for being DUX of the school when I was 12.
After 6th class, I went to Manly Domestic Science school. I passed the exams to go to Cleveland Street - I would have had to get busses and ferries and trains there in 1924. But I had whooping cough, and I couldn't go straight back to school. Mum asked me what I wanted to do and I said Shorthand and typing, so I went to Manly Domestic Science. I had to leave school at Manly at 15:00 to get the 15:10 tram to get back to Narrabeen.
I remember spending quite a bit of time sitting in the sun at school because I used to get terrible coughing fits. I left school when I was 15 to goto Business College at Manly. We had 9 subjects for the exams and I only failed Geography. I know why I hate Geography - because I hate travelling.
I got an A in History and English, and I remember the Art mistresses name - Miss Paully - I couldn't draw a thing. They used to put the exam results in the herald had to do cooking and sewing. I don't know why they don't still have domestic science schools. My Diane would've been better to do that. She wanted to leave school the day she was 14 and 10 months - so why would she need to study science? It was so silly.
I hate cooking - the cooking teachers were always cranky devils. I told my husband Joe I couldn't cook when we were married. He said he would teach me, but he didn't - he cooked himself.
He'd come home from work at midday, and we'd go shopping to the butcher and the greengrocer, then pick up the girls from school later. We always had either steak or chops, we hardly ever had chicken even though we had chooks. But Joe wouldn't chop their heads off. He'd give them to the man next door. And the we'd go and buy our chicken from the shop. Joe was very gentle - he wouldn't tread on an ant. Big men are often gentle.
He wouldn't smack the girls. We had spoiled girls - but his whole family were spoilers.
When I was 15 I got a job for a couple of weeks as a temp in York Street. After that I went back to college. I looked very young when I was applying for jobs, so mum told me to put my age to 16, so I did.
I think that short hand typing was interesting because you could see what was going in and out of the office.
But in the 1930's there were really no jobs about.
My sister's boyfriend - a man he was - was a cabinet maker. Just when Winslow House was built in Angel place, he was doing the fittings there. He asked if they wanted any girls to work in the office. So I got a job in a small debt collector's company. They wound that company up, and became an accounting company.
It was a bad time for the accountant to be starting his business. then they started working for the bankruptcy court. He was a good boss. I was with him for 17 years.
When I said I was leaving to get married, he said I could still work there after I was married.
After Joe and I were married, Joe took his discharge from the navy. I went back to work for a couple of months. Then we got a job as caretakers in a block of flats in New South Head Rd in Double Bay, opposite Cranbrook. My boss was upset when I left work. He had trouble finding someone else to run the office.
There was another woman who sublet an office from Charlie, and other people used to sublet, but he did't think they were any good at running the office. They didn't think I would get married. We were a happy office - I liked my working life.
I was 33 when I got married and Joe was 35.
I had had other boyfriends. There was a boy next door when I was younger that I kept on a string, and I had another boyfriend who used to play competition tennis. The boy next door asked me to marry him and move interstate with his work, but I didn't want to do either.
I used to have a boyfriend from Five Dock - a bank clerk - who used to come over to Manly where I shared a flat with a girlfriend. I discovered that his mother used to open his mail and read it. You wouldn't want a mother-in-law like that, so I sacked him. We used to go upto the Blue Mountains a lot. I always did the booking. One weekend he said that he would do the booking. When the letter said that there would be shared rooms. The girls shared with the girls and the boys always shared with the boys. But she thought that he and I were sharing a room - and he didn't even put her right about it. So i got rid of him.
I met Joe on 21st March, 1942. He was on leave from the Canberra, which was sunk while he was on leave. He was up at Katoomba at the Sans Souci where I used to go every year. He was up there with a friend and his wife.  
My girlfriend and I used to check out the talent up there but I wasn't interested in Joe at first because I had a friend overseas in the war. Joe got his friend's wife to get friendly with my friend Peg. One morning before breakfast, Peg said to go for a early morning walk. This was unusual as she usually didn't want to go. I realised later it was a setup as we ran into Joe and his two friends as they were coming in the gate - Peg was in on it. We all had breakfast together, then on Saturday night we went to a party. I went to the pub with Joe in the afternoon. A friend's mother had told me that if I was in a pub and didn't know what to order to ask for a Pimms. Joe nearly died when I asked for one - he never let me forget ordering like I knew what I was doing.
At the party on Saturday night, they asked me to sing. Joe sat me on his lap and I sat evil. he tried to take me to his room but i said NO. I said I would let him kiss me goodnight. We had a lot of fun as friends. Then his leave was up. We put him on the tram and I gave him the office phone number. The following Friday he rand and asked if he could see me on the weekend. I have read in books about people's hearts turning and beating fast, and it was happening to me when I was talking to him on the phone.

How cute is that? I know the timeline is a bit all over the place but that is how she was in 1993 - below is a picture of her and her beloved Joe

Joe and Marjorie

She was the first love of my life and one of the happiest memories of my childhood

What a Fox......

I miss you everyday Nanna xxx

Sunshine, Happiness and Love Always


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spreadable Butter

Happy Sunday....

As you may or may not know I have been a consultant for Your Inspiration at Home for the last 7 months. 

Imagine getting paid to share recipes, eat and laugh!

That's the life of a Your Inspiration at Home Consultant. Whether you choose it for a little extra spending money; to earn incentive travel; or to have your own successful business -- this opportunity doesn't just fit your lifestyle -- it's already a part of your lifestyle. 

Watch this video below:- 

If you think this is something you can do yourself please click on this link and become part of the team today, I will be there to support you the whole way

Just for today though I have a recipe to share with you to make your own butter YIAH style, I have used the Herb and Garlic Dip Mix but you are only limited by your own imagination as to what flavour you use in your butter. I have used my Bellini but if you have a Thermomix you can use that or just whip it up the old fashioned way.


600ml Cream
1.5L Cold or Very Cold Water
250-300ml Olive Oil
1 1/2 tsp Salt
YIAH Spice of your choice


1. Attach mixing tool firmly to the top of the stirring blade in the jug. Poor the cream into the jug.

2. Mix on SPEED 4 for 2-3 minutes. You will hear it start to bump and vibrate when the butter has come together - turn it off at this point

3. Strain off the buttermilk by pouring the white liquid from the jug through the cooking basket and into a separate jug. To get all the buttermilk out, press the butter firmly against the side of the jug with a wooden spoon

4. Take the mixing tool out of the bowl. Add about 500ml ice cold water. Mix on Speed 4 for 8 seconds

5. Strain off the water again, pressing hard to remove as much liquid from the butter as possible

6. Add another 500ml water, mix on Speed 4 for 8 seconds then strain off the water again. The water should be running clear at the end of this process

7. Weigh your butter. You want a ratio of 2 parts butter:1 part oil:1 part water. Add salt. Click the mixing tool on to the top of the blade again

8. Mix on Speed 4 for 40 seconds or until it looks smooth and creamy

9. Spoon your butter into a container. Refrigerate

I hope you get the opportunity to check out the catalogue here 

Any questions just email me

Till the next fabulous recipe

Belinda xx

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Australia Day Cyber Crop

Well I must say I had a wonderful time taking 
part in Scrapping Clearly's Australia Day Cyber Crop back in January.

This is only the second time they have held a Cyber Crop 
and it was my first time taking part, it was the boost I needed to get 
the creative mojo happening again, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Challenge Number 1 was to use photos from Australia Day

Straya Day

This is Challenge Number 2 - 

Club Day 1 2013

There were 5 challenges to complete but with work and my crazy home schedule etc I only managed to complete 2 of the challenges, either way I was proud of my efforts and I had a great time doing them

As you can see my time restraints are still there cause it's taken me this long to post my challenges and about the cyber crop - ha ha ha

You know day life will be less hectic and i'm sure I will still be whingeing about it, just got to accept the fact that you can only do what you can do hey??

If you drop by and have a look please leave me a comment so I know you have taken the time to drop by

Thought for the day.....

Till next time


Monday, February 15, 2016

52 Weeks Of Gratitude - Week 3



This is a topic that brings up a lot of emotion for me because let's be can be some of the cruelest yet the  nicest people you will ever encounter in your life.

I'm pretty sure that I can speak for everyone in saying -

"You would never speak to a friend the way you speak to your family"
"You would not pick your family as friends"

The gratification and respect that we seek from our family is ridiculous

I've observed that sometimes life can be a competition between each other

Hanging out together can be viewed as a chore for the day, for some i've observed that its an obligation to spend time time with family and it frustrates the shit out of me.

Why do we hurt each other?

One of the worst things is when you see your own children getting hurt by the actions of your family members, these actions cut the deepest because you think to yourself - WHY?

I know I have plenty of family but have never really felt like I fit in one way or the other - there is one side of the family with their children, the other side of the family with their children and then there is me - i've always looked after myself because i've never really felt like I can rely on anyone else but me, I never want to be seen as a burden to anyone - I even hate my husband and kids doing things for me.

I know people who have wonderful caring family units who support each other and this is what I am now trying to install in my children so they don't grow up hurting and disrespecting each other unintentionally, I want them to feel supported and be there for each other when needed and I want them to know that they have each other to fall back on.

Don't get me wrong I love my family but sometimes I just wish things were different

I look at families and see them as an experiment - let's put a bunch of completely different personalities together in one room and watch it all unravel.............

I'd love to hear what dynamics work for you as a family

Till Week 4....

BeeBee xoxo

Friday, February 5, 2016

52 Weeks Of Gratitude - Week 2



How to describe a husband....well my husband

We met in 1999, got married in 2000, 4 kids later and we are still happily married.....some say the only reason we are still married is because we don't see much of each other but honestly I think the main reason is that we trust each other when we are apart and we are always open and honest with each other, even if it means hurting the other occassionally.

I love him more than ever, he annoys me more than I ever thought would be possible but for some funny reason I want to spend every irritating moment with him.

When you fall in love don't fall in love with someone who says the right things, fall in love with someone who does the right things consistently. Don't look for the perfect person just look for someone who you can act silly with, someone who treats you well and most importantly someone who loves being with you more than anything

I'm extremely lucky that I have all of that in one guy...........and for all you single ladies out there "Don't give up hope - just stop looking and it will come when you least expect it"

Sunshine, Happiness and LOVE Always


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

52 Weeks of Gratitude


I didn't actually fail BUT I haven't yet completed the Photo A Day Challenge on instagram so this year I decided that I would do something different.......52 Weeks Of Gratitude

Yes, I hear you say " Bee, it's already Week 5", but you know i'm always running on Lowe time and late with everything

Here's the Challenge -

So for me i'm starting this challenge to help me reflect on things that normally I probably wouldn't even think about, we get so strung up these days in life that we forget to appreciate it.

I'd love for you to join me on this journey - paste it to your own blog and link me to your post or simply just leave a comment on my post - you can message me on Facebook or link me on instagram or twitter - whatever is easier.

Let's enjoy and appreciate 2016 together


Thursday, September 10, 2015

More Goodness Bought To You By The Desktop

Happy Thursday,

I have a few more desktop shares for you today. I did these layouts with the Basic Grey Page Of The Month Kits, I must say I am super upset that the shop I was getting them off stopped selling them but if any of you scrappy peeps know of anywhere that sells them please let me know. Cheers.

The first one is of my daughter at Ballet

Ballet 2010
This was Holly as a Grinch in the end of year concert "A Christmas Carol" - she dances at Dance Central, check them out here as they are a great school

Professional Pic

My Little Grinch

Unfortunately I didn't take any close ups of  either of the page but i'm hoping you can get the drift.

The second page is of my babies first day of school way back in 2011

First Day Of School 2011

Funniest thing :) :) :)

This year was the first year that Holly actually decided to wear a dress to school

Holly 2011

It didn't matter how many times I told her that the dress was on backwards she was adamant that the zip went at the back so to save a mini meltdown on the first day I just let her do her thing........and yes by the time she got home that day the dress was on the right way - he he. Oh to be a kid again - on that note

Thought for The Day

Yep that's me..............still

Hope you are all having a great week

But I have to ask...............R U OK?

Don't forget to leave me some love if you drop by, I would love to see your comments

Till next time - Stay Super



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