Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kindy 2009

Oh school portraits.....I find them so hard to scrap.
For our local scrap apple group we each had a secret santa so I had some paper to use and the bling arrow - perfect to start with, then the boxx put out a fortnightly challenge to scrap a school photo - perfect - inspiration hit me straight away.
The picture was Jett in his year of Kindy.

Here is the journalling -
Oh and what do you reckon of my handmade apple?

Now the story behind his beaten up face........
The day before this pic was taken his grandmother was up visiting. She decided to go for a walk and he said he wanted to go with her on his bike....he well and truly stacked his bike at the park, came off and hit the gravel. I couldn't believe it when they got home, the only thing he cared about was the grazes on his leg { That is until he saw his face in the mirror } and then holy moly you would think that he was being murdered - boys are big wuzz's.

I'm glad he put on his happy face for his pic - secretly I think he was glad to get the attention. When he hit school that day all the kids were asking him what had happened and he just lapped it up like Lord Muck.


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