Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I could not resist

I could not resist the July Sketch Challenge over at the BOXX

How awesome is that?????? I didn't want to change it, flip it, add to it or do anything random with it cause I just loved it the way it was. Here is what I came up with -

Here is also just another little "Catch Up" share from the scrap weekend with the gorgeous scrappy girls. The pics are of my kids christmas photo shoot that I did - love my little SUGAR PLUMS -

Oh and I also thought that you all might like to know that I passed Semester 1 this year - I got a distinction and 2 credits ( A and 2 B's ) - so I suppose that will do. As long as I just get through my degree without having to repeat anything I will be happy as larry ( where did that saying come from? Why is Larry so happy? ) Sorry that's really random isn't it?

Sunshine and Happiness

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Josie Lowe

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Sunshine and Happiness Always - RIP Leonie Kaye Maurer
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