Tuesday, July 8, 2014

All The Pretty Things

Evening Peeps,

How are you all enjoying the colder weather?

Me personally well everything has been getting on top of me lately and I have neglected myself a fair bit but i'm trying really hard to push through things and try and find a balance that suits everyone, I haven't done it yet but am trying to stay positive because I really love everything in my life and am so very grateful and would hate if I had to give something up, i'm sure I will work it out - just gotta keep swimming.......

I'm sharing 2 very pretty layouts with you today that I did for the LSS The Scrap Cottage, they were created a while back using one of the Kaiser ranges of paper, I really do struggle with floral PP but I was really happy with what I created in the end

The first LO is from my sister's wedding, I had the pleasure of being her Matron of Honour -

As you may have worked out I love my double layouts

LHS of the LO

RHS of the LO
The 2nd layout I did with the same range is a lot simpler - I went to Stanthorpe for the weekend with my girlfriends from uni for one of the girl's "Surprise" hen's night, it was a great weekend and fabulous to get away ( Maybe doing this again might be a slight cure for my lack of coping at the moment??)

Simple but still pretty

Added some hand stitching in just for fun

Well to all the mum's as well, I hope you are surviving the school holidays. I'd love to hear what you have been doing to keep the little rascals entertained. Don't forget to leave me some love so I know you have popped by.
Anyway Happy Tuesday and wait for it.......................UP THE BLUES :) ( for tommorrow - pumped for that 3 in a row )


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