Monday, February 15, 2016

52 Weeks Of Gratitude - Week 3



This is a topic that brings up a lot of emotion for me because let's be can be some of the cruelest yet the  nicest people you will ever encounter in your life.

I'm pretty sure that I can speak for everyone in saying -

"You would never speak to a friend the way you speak to your family"
"You would not pick your family as friends"

The gratification and respect that we seek from our family is ridiculous

I've observed that sometimes life can be a competition between each other

Hanging out together can be viewed as a chore for the day, for some i've observed that its an obligation to spend time time with family and it frustrates the shit out of me.

Why do we hurt each other?

One of the worst things is when you see your own children getting hurt by the actions of your family members, these actions cut the deepest because you think to yourself - WHY?

I know I have plenty of family but have never really felt like I fit in one way or the other - there is one side of the family with their children, the other side of the family with their children and then there is me - i've always looked after myself because i've never really felt like I can rely on anyone else but me, I never want to be seen as a burden to anyone - I even hate my husband and kids doing things for me.

I know people who have wonderful caring family units who support each other and this is what I am now trying to install in my children so they don't grow up hurting and disrespecting each other unintentionally, I want them to feel supported and be there for each other when needed and I want them to know that they have each other to fall back on.

Don't get me wrong I love my family but sometimes I just wish things were different

I look at families and see them as an experiment - let's put a bunch of completely different personalities together in one room and watch it all unravel.............

I'd love to hear what dynamics work for you as a family

Till Week 4....

BeeBee xoxo

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